Vibration dosimeters

General description :

The Vib@work dosimeter range allows the measurement of vibrations at the work station in conformity with the European directive 2002/44/CE transposed into French law by decree n° 2005-746 (4 July 2005).

Technical description :

The Vib@work dosimeters allow to perform in a very simple way the automatic measurement of the vibratory dose A(8) received by a machine operator during the working day, or that received by an operator using a vibrating tool (drill, grinder, jackhammer…).

This range is divided into two main parts: Whole body dosimeters and hand/arm dosimeters; They offer several products providing you with a complete solution for the study of vibrations.

  • Whole body dosimeters :
    EVEC Seat for the seated operator.
    EVEC Floor which, when combined with the EVEC Seat, automatically calculates the SEAT factor (seat vibration attenuation).
    EVEC Detect, which, when combined with EVEC Floor, enables vibration measurements to be taken for the standing operator.


  • Hand-arm dosimeter :
    200G dosimeter for standard vibrating tools (drills, sanders, grinders…)
    5000G dosimeter for high impact tools (chisel, jackhammer, rammer…)