Since its creation, Tecora offers its customers measurement and monitoring technologies to characterize industrial processes up to their ultimate impact on people and their environment. Where necessary, Tecora also provides appropriate services, maintenance, auditing, training and consulting.

To ensure the satisfaction of its customers, Tecora not only brings them products that meet their expectations, but also anticipates their needs.

Tecora is a leader in the supply of chimney emission control systems, continuous dioxin control, gravimetric sampler, industrial equipment for hygiene control, oxygen analyzer and combustion control. Our mission is to design products that meet international standards, to improve the productivity of environmental engineers, and to reduce the nonconformities of different industrial processes.

Our quality system

Tecora is in the process of ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, some of our products are certified by Tuv and mCERTs. Quality translates into robust processes, so customers are constantly informed of delivery forecasts, suppliers are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with our requirements.

By nature, our customers use complex processes in sensitive environments. Beyond the protection of people, the preservation of the environment has become for them an essential concern. They are waiting for the best of us. Thanks to the reliability of our solutions, they can focus on their business with confidence.