Our fields of intervention


Tecora offers a large range of equipments (portable or fix) for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring.



Tecora is a leader in combined systems for dioxins, PAHs and particle sampling.

Purity control

Tecora helps you to control your industrial processes by offering adaptable and tailor-made solutions.


Tecora offers a specialized range for combustion monitoring to ensure the quality of your final products.

Our Company

Since its creation, Tecora offers its customers measurement and monitoring technologies enabling them to characterize industrial processes up to their final impact on people and their environment. When necessary, Tecora also provides appropriate maintenance, auditing, training and consulting services. To ensure the satisfaction of its customers, Tecora brings them not only products that meet their expectations, but also anticipating their needs. By nature, our customers use complex processes in sensitive environments. Beyond the protection of people, the preservation of the environment has become for them an essential concern. They are waiting for the best of us. Thanks to the reliability of our solutions, they can focus on their business with confidence.


Our Customers