For more than 40 years, CDL-Tecora has accumulated a great experience in the production of monitoring devices for micro-pollutants, dedicated to industrial hygiene. Our teams aim to offer their customers products that comply with national and international standards, which simplify the work of operators and improve the quality of measurements in order to guarantee the best conditions for monitoring, sampling and analysis. some samples.

We operate throughout France but also internationally.

In compliance with regulations and to preserve the environment, our wide range of products includes devices that can measure dust, dioxins and heavy metals.


Continuously improve all of our services to our customers to achieve an overall satisfaction rate of over 75%.

Pool processes at group level and have 85% of applicable documents in common.


Limit our impact on the environment by delivering our suppliers’ products directly to customers and by promoting the use of electronic communications to the detriment of the use of paper media,

Reduce our paper consumption by 10%,,

Reduce our electricity consumption by 10%,

Reduce our fuel consumption by 10%.

Increase waste recovery by recovering equipment replaced by our customers.