General description : 

The EDGE family of independent dosimeters makes it easier to assess and measure occupational noise exposure. Compact, lightweight (only 85 grams) and equipped with a wireless microphone, it is both comfortable and easy to wear.

Technical description :

Used with the 3M ™ Data Management Software (DMS), users can activate three independent dosimeters with the EDGE5 model, allowing three simultaneous measurements to be made according to the selected normative criteria.

The intrinsically safe EDGE5 model (validated by MSHA, SIRA (ATEX), CSA (USA and CANADA) and Simtars (IECEx)) can be used in potentially hazardous environments such as mines or petrochemical sites for example. Easy update and download, simple recharging, integration of three independent dosimeters (Eg5), intrinsic safety (Eg5), are the elements that make this powerful dosimeter your team can rely on.