The safety and well being of workers has always been at the core of companies’ concerns. It is therefore imperative for them to ensure that their employees are not at immediate or long-term risk. Within this context, CDL-Tecora offers a whole range of devices and accessories to characterize these hazards and thus limit the exposure of employees:

– Dust/fibre samplers (wood, asbestos, powders…).
– Gas samplers (VOCs, acids, formaldehyde, etc.).
– Vibration dosimeters (whole body, hand/arm).
– Indoor air quality analyser.

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  • Vibration dosimeters

  • Individual Dust Sampler CIP10

  • OmniFlow Bench

  • Asbesto Static Sampling

  • Constant flow sampler – STATIC pump

  • Fans for Static pump

  • OP Sampling pumps – OP range

  • CAThIA Dust and Fibre Sampling Head

  • VOC Passive Sampler GABIE