Oxygen Transmitter – TREC

General description:

The transmitter TREC is designed for oxygen measurement in gas, in the field of low contents. It provides total functionality in a standard, low cost unit to fulfill the needs of almost any user. The instrument is fully self contained, comprising sensor and electronics housed in an industrial enclosure manufactured in stainless steel.

Technical description:

The transmitter TREC uses 2 wires technology, which requires a 18-30 VDC power source. It delivers an 4-20 mA analogue output signal, linear and proportional to oxygen content.
The instrument offers 2 working ranges (to be specified, between 0-100 ppm and 0-10000 ppm for low contents version and between 0-1% and 0-100% for % version).
Moreover, the low contents version offers a service range 0-25 % for calibration using ambient air. TREC is installed by diverting a sample of the gas through its housing (gas inlet/outlet 1/8’’ NPT).


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