Toxic and explosive gases detectors – T100 & CGS500

General description

The T100 transmitter allows the detection of a wide range of gas as: CO, H2S, NO, NO2, H2, CL2 HCN, HCl, NH3 O3, EtO et O2.

CGS500 detector has been developed to measure the explosive gas concentration in the range 0 – 100% LIE.

Technical description

T100: integrated in a compact robust metal case, it fits easily. Detection is by capillary action into the sensor. The influence of temperature and pressure will be minimized. The gas which diffuses to the sensor reacts to the electrode areas of the form of a redox reaction sensor giving a direct response to the concentration. The detector electrodes are specific to the detected gas.

CGS500: the measuring principle is based on a thermocatalytic sensor. Combustible gases are oxidized on an active element while the reference element operating temperature and pressure compensation.


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