Oxygen Analyzer in PPM – Electrochemical – TOA MP

General description:

The oxygen analyzer TOA MP allows the monitoring of traces (ppm) of oxygen in processes. It integrates a maintenance free sealed electrochemical sensor and a complete  microprocessor electronics.

Technical description:

The touch sensitive display allows the user to see very quickly all parameters: ppm O2 content, analog output range, temperature control, alarms status, and to get access to the menus. The instrument integrates some data storing facilities (350 data memory as standard and memory extension with SRAM card as option). It gives a complete traceability on the events that occur on the analyzer: alarms threshold, error messages, calibration, configuration, etc. All these data are available on parallel output (for printer connection) and on digital interface RS232. The automatic calibration function is very easy to use and allows: calibration values setting, calibration sequence performed manually, at set time or at regular intervals; calibration on one or two points; safety procedure in case of error on the gas used for calibration.


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