Autonomus combustible gas detector – S500L-IR / S500LT-IR

General description

S500L-IR and S500LT-IR models are high quality and autonomous NDIR (Non Dispersive Infra Red) gas sensors which offer a lot of sophisticated functions to give quick and reliable warnings against explosive concentrations of combustible gases.

Technical description

They operate like a autonomous instrument or with a controller or a computer. It is designed in a compact case and can be configured or calibrated by a person, without declassify the dangerous area certification. Gas concentration is indicated on a 4-digits alphanumeric digital display, which also indicates the instrument status. It is fully user programmable and none physic adjustments are required during the calibration, like on the board computer which ensures the calibration procedure. The sensor is not affected by catalytic poisons which have a negative effect on the traditional “Pellistor effect”.
All the user variables are stored in a non volatile memory (EEPROM) and are conserved indefinitely, even during a power failure.

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