Continuous Dioxins Sampler DECS

General Description:

DECS is the solution offered by Tecora for the continuous emission sampling of Dioxins, Furans (PCDD/PCDF),PCB and other POPs. According to En1948 and USEPA M23, DECS adopts the filter condenser methods with adsorbing trap on wet gas.  The system is permanently installed on stack for continuous sampling from 8 hours up to 30 days.

Technical Description: 

Micro pollutants sampler (PCDD/Fs, PCB, PAH) with Filter/Condenser method and adsorbing trap on wet gas in accordance with EN 1948 and USEPA M23 methods;
Up to 4 Sampling Units can be managed by a single Control Unit
Distance between Sampling and Control Units up to 100mt;
Fully automated sampling: no operator presence required;
Automatic preparation and cleaning;
Full remote control via Internet or Intranet;
Easy upgrade using the heated probe with outstack box for solid phase and side sampling for heavy metals, mercury and acids.


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