Portable Dewpoint Meter – XPDM

General description

The portable Dewpoint Meter Model XPDM is a battery operated, hand-held instrument, designed for applications where quick and accurate dewpoint measurements have to be made. With the XPDM, accurate spot-checks of moisture in gases can be made faster and easier than ever, over the range of -148°F to +68°F (-100°C to +20°C) dewpoint.

Technical description

HTF sensor (ultra thin film) at aluminum oxide, situated at the center of XPDM model, is the result of several years of researches. The used technology allows to produce an ultra thin aluminum oxide layer with a better hygroscopic sensitivity and a shorter response time.

Outside analysis period, the sensor is always in a dry housing. During the measurement period, after have connected analyzed gas and established a flow rate from 1 to 2 L/min, the sensor is then in contact with the analyzed gas. This conception avoids to the sensor to be contaminated by the ambient atmosphere and allows therefore a shorter response time.

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