Isokinetic sampling – In situ sampling probe Stainless steel and titanium


  • Measurement of dust in accordance with EN13284-1, US EPA M17, ISO9096
  • Measurement of particulate heavy metals.


  • Available in stainless steel or titanium: Allow measurement of dust and/or particulate heavy metals. 
  • Reduction of rinsing operation: The filter holder is positioned in situ and the filter is perpendicular to the flow, which makes it possible to dispense with rinsing the gooseneck and probe. 
  • Improvement of uncertainty: By reducing the volumes of the rinsing solutions, the limit of quantification and the measurement uncertainties for the determination of low dust concentrations can be lowered. 
  • Suitable for heated probes: An adapter kit allows the filter holder assembly with a heated probe when the determination of gaseous compounds is required.

Accessories for unheated sampling probe

Pitot Tubes

Accessories for the measurement of temperature and velocity in stack for isokinetic rate regulation.


Compatible accessories with unheated probe :

  • For flate membrane or thimble
  • Available in stainless steel or titanium.
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