Isokinetic sampling – In situ titanium sampling probe


  • Measurement of dust in accordance with EN13284-1, US EPA M17, ISO9096,
  • Measurement of particulate heavy metals.

Key advantages:

  • Available in stainless steel or titanium: Allows the measurement of dust and/or particulate heavy metals. 
  • Save rinsing operation: The filter holder is positioned in situ and the filter is perpendicular to the flow, such that it is not necessary to rinse the gooseneck and the probe. 
  • Improved level of uncertainty: By reducing the volumes of the rinsing solutions, the limit of quantification and the measurement’s uncertainties for the determination of low dust concentrations can be lowered. 
  • Suitable for heated probes: An adapter kit allows the filter holder assembly with a heated probe when the determination of gaseous compounds is required.
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