New catalog for isokinetic sampling – Probes and accessories

Heated sampling probes – Outstack sampling

Applications:- Measurement of dust in accordance with EN13284-1, US EPA M5, ISO9096

Impingers kit & Cooling bath

Compatible accessories for heated sampling probe for the measurement of acids and heavy metals:

  • EN14385 (Heavy metals)
  • EN13211 (Hg)
  • EN1911 (HCl)
  • EN14791 (SOx)
  • USEPA M8 (SOx)
  • USEPA M13A (HF)
  • USEPA M26A (HCl and HBr)
  • USEPA M29 (Heavy metals)


Compatible accessories for heated sampling probe for the measurement of PCDD/F, PCB, HAP:

  • EN1948-1
  • USEPA M23

Unheated sampling probes – Instack sampling

Applications:- Measurement of dust in accordance with EN13284-1, US EPA M17, ISO9096

Pitot Tubes

Accessories for the measurement of temperature and velocity in stack for isokinetic rate regulation.


Compatible accessories with unheated probe :

  • For flate membrane or thimble
  • Available in stainless steel or titanium.
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