Industrial Gas Combustible Analyzer – IGCA

General description:

The IGCA (Industrial Gas Combustible Analyzer) measures the quality of all combustion gases (natural gas, biogas, coke oven gas, recovery gas, etc.) by determining the following characteristics:

  • Wobbe Index
  • CARI Index
  • High and Low heating values (HV version)
  • Density (HV version)

Techical description:

The measuring principle consists in mixing a known concentration of oxygen with the combustible gas. Everything is then burned (catalytic combustion) and then sent to a zirconium oxide cell. The residual oxygen, after calculation, brings to the Wobbe index and the CARI index.


The device is divided into several parts:

  • An air / gas mixer
  • A catalytic combustion chamber
  • A cell for measuring oxygen


A control electronics manages all the measurement and safety information and provides a continuous measurement of the CARI and Wobbe indexes. The controller also allows for automatic calibrations with calibration-related malfunction detection.