Isokinetic sampler – EmiTest Iso

General description:

EmiTest Iso is the last generation of isokinetic samplers compliant with international testing methods:

  • EN13284-1
  • US EPA M5
  • USEPA M17
  • ISO9096

It combines our knowledge on isokinetic samplers with new approaches to ensure:

  • Better data quality and reliability,
  • Easier use on stack,
  • Time saving,
  • Workers safety.

Main Specifications:

  • Fast isokinetic control at any stack condition.
  • Volume measurement with dry gas meter.
  • Sampling flow measurement with differential pressure flowmeter.
  • In-stack temperature and velocity measurement.
  • Autotest and anomalies management.
  • USB interface to download data.
  • Large color touchscreen.
  • Wide library to recorded ducts specifications.
  • Data logger enabling data download on USB key.
  • Large internal memory (16 GB).
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • ISO17025 accredited laboratory certificate (optional).

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