Sonda Isocinetiche – Campionamento Instack

General description:

Unheated isokinetic sampling probes are deigned for dust measurements in accordance with standard:

– EN 13284-1 “Determination of low range mass concentration of dust – Manual gravimetric method”.
– US EPA M17 “In Stack Particulate”.
– ISO9096 “Stationary source emissions – Manual determination of mass concentration of particulate matter”

These probes exist in different versions

-The dividable monotube probes can be used in that application where isn’t possible or not convenient to use an integrated probe.

-Integrated probe including sampling tube, thermocouple and Pitot tube type “S” for velocity measurement

Technical description:

Design is made for easy of use, transport, robustness, long lasting and compatibility with isokinetic sampling accessories.

The material ensures resistance to temperature and corrosion caused by aggressive gases.
The materials used for the collection must be compatible with gas composition, to ensure the integrity of the compounds to determine.
To meet these requirements, succion tubes and filterholders are interchangeable and exist in different material.


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