Analizzatore di gas naturale – NGCA

General description:

The NGCA (Natural Gas Combustible Analyzer) enables the measurement of natural gas by determining some of its characteristics:

– Wobbe index / CARI (NGCA WI/WIM)
– Heating value (HHV, LHV – NGCA HV)
– Density (NGCA HV)

Technical description:

The measurement principle (patented by Engie) consists in the correlation between the different natural gas combustion indexes (Wobbe, CARI, HHV/LHV) and some of its physical properties. This system offers several advantages compared to generally used chromatographs:

– Continuous measurement
– Automatic calibration
– Measurement time inferior to 1 minute
– Maintenance free
– Plug and play system
– Consumable free
– No need for compressed air