Combustion Premix Analyzer – ADP100

General description:

The analyzer model ADP100 is designed to monitor accurately the AIR/GAS ratio pre-mixed which is sent to the burners.

Technical description: 

It allows the AIR/GAS ratio adjustment in order to obtain the desired quality of flame to get the optimum temperature and atmosphere in the furnace and to monitor over a long period the stability of the blending.

The sample to be monitored is going through a furnace at a fixed temperature of 800°C in a cell housing containing, at the inlet a combustion catalyzer and at the outlet a zirconium oxygen cell.
The measurement of excess oxygen or combustible after a complete combustion of the sample is processed in a digital electronic to give a dual range in % oxygen and % combustible on a 4 – 20 mA output and on a digital display.



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