New Isokinetic Sampler – EmiTest Iso

Probe module

Directly connected on sampling probe, the module:

  • improves quality of measurement (no more long umbilical cables between measuring point and sensors)
  • manages heating of sampling probe and box for filterholder (no more long connexion cables)
  • improves the safety of intervention: less equipment on the platform (the sampler can remain at the bottom of the stack)

New features

  • Possibility to test all sensors with data registration for better QA/QC management 
  • Pitot tube leak test
  • Stagnation test, wall factor effect and swirl angle (option) measurements
  • Stack and Pitot tube library
  • Remote control (option) 
  • Touchscreen with userfriendly interface
  • New user settings: languages, alarms, perfomance tests routines ….
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