New operator pumps

OP pump range

OP pumps guarantee stable, reliable and accurate sampling thanks to real-time compensation for temperature and atmospheric pressure according to ISO13137.

Specially designed for personal sampling, pumps are lightweight, resistant (IP54) and easy to use (intuitive interface and large backlit screen).

OP pumps are able to take continuous data measurements and to easily print and edit sampling reports.

The pumps have a wide range of applications such as workplace hygiene, indoor air and environmental monitoring for the sampling of all types of gases aerosols (organic, inorganic, etc.).

Main characteristics

Flow range0.1 – 1.5 l/min1 – 5 l/min
Flow stabilityBetter than ±5%Better than ±3%
Pressure drop compensation4.5kPa at 1.5 l/min30kPa at 2 l/min
4kPa at 5 l/min
Charging time
> 8h
≤ 5h
> 8h
≤ 5h
Weight and dimensions
125x70x48 mm
130x60x99 mm
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