New product Hygiene at the workplace – Cap for GABIE Badge

CDL BU Tecora is happy to present the new cap for the G.A.B.I.E badge

Why this cap:

The G.A.B.I.E badge is designed to measure the workers exposure to VOCs in the workplace. It meets the specification and requirements of the European Standard EN838.
During a day of exposure measurement, a worker will also be exposed to VOCs not as a result of his (her) professional activity (cigarettes during breaks, lunch…). It is important that this extraneous exposure, not be captured by the G.A.B.I.E badge. This specially designed cap, allows to hermetically seal the gas exchange surface of the badge. The installation of the cap, enables the user to suspend sampling during periods not included in the exposure.


  • Easy to use
  • Totally hermetic
  • Stops 100% adsorption of atmospheric VOCs
  • Guarantee a sample, representative of operator exposure period at workplace
  • Efficiency tested and validated over a period of 24 hours
  • Recyclable
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